Frequently Asked Questions

  • "How long should I acclimatise the wood before laying it?"

    This is an important question for many contractors, as it will determine how long they have to wait to lay a floor. In our professional experience, it is far better to ensure that a building’s moisture levels are normal before laying the floorboards. The classic mistake that is often made is to acclimatise wood to a building that is damp (had plastering/screeding/painting work done). First the wood will expand in the damp atmosphere, and then shrink over the coming months as the building dries out and returns to a normal level of humidity .

  • "Will under-floor heating affect my floorboards?"

    No matter their quality, all floorboards will suffer if exposed to rapid changes in temperature from modern powerful underfloor heating systems, so it’s important that you start increasing or decreasing your under-floor heating gradually in order to prevent this. Doing so will dramatically increase the lifespan of your new floorboards and prevent splitting and warping.

  • “Which abrasive is best for sanding wooden floors?”

    There are many different types of abrasive available now and although amazing claims are made for some of them, they are not always as good as is claimed. Zirconium usually is your best choice of performance and cost, but there are some exceptions to this. call us to find out more – you might be surprised!

  • “Is a lacquer or oil finish better?”

    This is very much a question of personal preference, based on the look you are trying to create and the amount of maintenance you’re willing to undertake. Our team will be able to advise you in this regard.

  • “Should I be looking for FSC certified wood?”

    When it comes to rare or endangered hardwoods, you should certainly expect to see FSC certification. However, all the woods used in our flooring come from sustainably managed European forests, so this certification is far less important.

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